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To the best shopping street in Japan in Musashikoyama, Shinagawaku



We sell goods that are useful in “your room”

With neat goods proposal we deliver fancy = added value to everyone. Based on the concept of “our room” and “your  room”, we collect goods that will lead you to a relaxing room. We will deliver “Who, what place, what kind of thought made things,  so that you can use it with as much confidence as possible.

Aging Value Life …

We help “the value created by using”

Message from Tovilla

Why not add classinessin your daily life? . .

Even a ordinary thing used in various scenes of everyday, there is a thing with “commitment” such as production place and historical background. we think that it is necessary to bring a sense of moisture to your life, to express a little feeling as a gift for important people, or to have a degree of fashion that is not tiring for everyday life.

With neat goods proposal we deliver fancy = added value to everyone. Based on the concept of “our room” and “your  room”, we collect goods that will lead you to a relaxing room. We will deliver “Who, what place, what kind of thought made things,  so that you can use it with as much confidence as possible.

tovilla Details

Store name tovilla
phone 03-6426-8853
Street address 3-24-8 Koyama Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
business hours 11:00~19:00
Regular holiday Irregular holidays (Bon Festival, New Year’s holidays are consecutive holidays.)
credit card VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Rakuten, etc
Official site tovilla
Facebook Tovilla @4tovilla
Ameblo On the other side of the fourth door
instagram himonya_delicatessen
Industry Sales of clothing, clothing accessories, accessories, household goods, seasonings, etc.

tovilla Item Menu

Clothes (ladies, men’s, unisex)  
ETTYSMITH Basic stretch denim / stretch color pants
Tight straight / tapered straight
tax included)
size(LADIES):XS / S / M / L
BETTY SMITH is produced in the  “production center of denim” in “Okayama prefecture Kurashiki shi Kojima”, as Japan’s first women’s exclusive jeans manufacturer since its inception “Japan’s design for women” pursuit continues, It is a rare company which specializes in bottoms. With numerous Japanese-made bottoms brands operating directly managed stores, “BETTY SMITH” which is devoted to making things as “essentially a manufacturer”, specializing in the Japanese figure, “Basic pants …” Design that was explored and calculated. You can choose “tight silhouette” or “basic tapered silhouette” depending on your preference.
tovilla_Oxford button down shirt ¥5,400(tax included)
size(UNISEX):S / M / L / XL
Oxford shirt tailored with solid technology made in Japan both fabric and sewing. The design is an orthodox button down, but since S – XL develops 7 colors in 4 sizes, from your business to private,you should be able to find a perfect fit for you.
tovilla_Dungaree shirt
Regular / pullover
¥8,532(tax included)
Dungaree  shirt made in Nishiwaki, Hyogo prefecture. We offer two kinds of regular color and round color of pullover. By overlapping collar, elbow, and cufflink fabric in duplicate, it was finished in one article that was simple but also excellent in design.
Healthknit American Cotton 100% Tee shirt
Crew neck / UV neck
¥2,452(tax included)
size(UNISEX):S / M / L / XL
“American cotton” ideal for Tee shirt touching the skin directly with dry touch compared to general cotton.
Aside side seams, as an inner Tee of American Casual, it is Tee shirt of “iron round” specification of iron plate.
Healthknit 50 / 50 Tee shirt ¥2,452(tax included)
Crew neck / V neck / UV neck  
size(UNISEX):S / M / L / XL
Inner Tee shirt finished with COTTON / POLYESTER = 50/50 blending ratio characterized by unique flexibility. Because the collar type is abundant, you can choose your favorite design by jacket or shirt outerwear.
Fashion accessories  
ButlerVernerSails_Reactive dye canvas Big Boston ¥7.452(tax included)
A long selling unisex canvas tote. It is a bag that you can enjoy secular change while repairing like jeans with “Specification, dyeing, sewing” unique to Japan feels a fine care.
ButlerVernerSails_Reactive dyeing 2 WAY shoulder ¥8,532(tax included)
color:CAMEL / RED / NAVY
It is a product that was “cut, dyed, sewn” by Japanese craftsmen using fabric made in Japan, so repair by craftsman who made it is possible.
A 2WAY bag with a shoulder strap for “diagonal hanging” convenient when riding a bicycle, in a shoulder bag of “shawl” design. Even with plenty of items put in hands with real leather to reduce the burden on hands. . . Such a caring is a happy bag.
musubu_Justification socks
Sneaker socks / regular socks
¥1,296~2,052(tax included)
size:LADIES = 23~25cm / MENS = 25~27cm
It is a traditional vintage knitting machine with production efficiency of 40 sheets per day at the socks special plant in Nara Prefecture where 40% of domestically produced socks are produced, having production results from the beginning of the 20th century. Socks made while changing knitting in partial parts are comfortable to wrap your feet gently. By using HEMP thread, it has moisture absorption and divergence, keeping the condition of the sole even after wearing it for a day. It is a reliable product that does not get tired even if you wear it by year.
L’uccello_Accessories ¥1,944~8,640(tax included)
Necklace / Bracelet / Anklet / Earring / Earring / Ring / Brooch L’uccello “accessories are original accessories that are often one point because they use vintage (made 30 to 99 years ago) parts found in European flea market etc. It is also attractive that you can make accessories according to your wishes based on existing products.
musubu_Hair Rubber ¥540(tax included) / ¥864(tax included)
Koningu / stuffing button Tovilla hair Rubber original gingival sting and fabric residue fabric wrapping button . We will develop designs and patterns according to the season. Actually, in winter, mufflers are brought together, male customers’ purchasing also increases.
“Town girl’s Handkerchief” series ¥540(tax included)
  Producing area of ​​luxury towels = Producing area of ​​pail which Imabari and more than 100 years continue = Towel handkerchieved made in Wakayama. The surface is a piece of gauze fabric on the back, the reverse side is easy to use handkerchief with fluffy pile which is superior in water absorbency. It is ideal for gifts because it does not get in the way even if there are many pieces such as wash change.
Household goods  
LEAF&BOTANICS_Skin Care / Body Care ¥432~1.944(tax included)
Hand cream / soap / body soap / face water / face emulsion / smoothing oil A long-established store Matsuyama Oil & Fat that keeps making soap for over 70 years since 1946, still operates a factory along Tokyo Arakawa where many oil and fat factories existed. LEAF & amp; BOTANICS incorporates the benefits of plants, such as essential oils extracted from fruits and leaves, which are essential for the fragrance of plants, to match the characteristics and comfort of the items. Wash & care is. We will deliver moments that will make you feel at ease in our daily routine.
Various dishes ¥360~4,860(tax included)
Small plate / dish / multi cup / mug etc. Mino-yaki (Gifu) Prefecture We mainly produce domestic pottery such as Koishihara Yaki (Fukuoka prefecture), and we offer a range of dishes that are easy to use everyday. It is a design that complements the main dish at the dining table, and we are selecting a tableware that will produce a nice kitchen from the state stored in a cupboard, cupboard.
Sweets, seasoning  
Sweets Satsuki_rice flour sweets ¥140~360(tax included)
Dierman / Schneebaren / Almond Cookie / Momo Sabe / Garrett / Madeleine / Linzer Torte A sweet baked sweet “Sweets Satsuki” cake shop using rice flour in Himeiya. The texture peculiar to sweets made with rice flour becomes addictive. Sometimes “Shoe Rusk” “Sponge Rask” is waiting for customers to wait “We need contact at the time of arrival”.
Dressing for a child to eat vegetables ¥842(tax included)
Soy / carrots / white Among the seasonings handled in tovilla, the item with the most repeaters. “There is a child …”, adults are addictive This dressing is also excellent source of compatibility with meat such as hamburger steak and chicken saute. Even if curry powder is added and it is spicy sauce sag, vegetables and meat will advance.
Odd cocktail ¥486~648(tax included)
Bonito / mackerel / murogeji / chin / konbu / shiitake mushroom It does not use any additives such as extra seasonings and processing aids, just seasoning which made the material powder. If you make a miso bean mixed with this seasoning and miso, you can make “instant miso soup raw” that you can use with confidence on your own (80 cups). Moreover, since salty taste is not at all but only umami of umami is increased, you can use it without worrying about salinity even if it is added to the gruel at the time when the gastrointestinal exhaustion is exhausted or at the last adjustment of the dish.
Various soy sauce _ Soy sauce / Ponzu ¥410(tax included)
  Using grilled chicken from Hirado Nagasaki prefecture.
Convenient liquid chilling with “soy sauce” in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture 200 ml. Because it is liquid, it can be used as cooked rice, simmered dish, pot soup, so it is very convenient.
Tanigawa brewing _ side dish that you want rice ¥432(tax included)
Burdock / black sesame Tanigawa brewing in Hokkaido Noto Wajima, founded in 1888, has been making soy sauce and miso factories since 1971 and continues to make seasonings to complement the umami of fresh seafood consistently covered by the sea of ​​the Sea of ​​Japan It is. “I want children to eat lots of rice” made “Odazu Miso” is enough delicious miso just to put on warm rice, but at the table that you can use also for rice ball ingredients and hot vegetables, It is a useful seasoning.
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